3C is a full-service compensation consulting firm that is focused on establishing effective total rewards programs to enhance the value of your business. 3C designs pay programs that are market- and performance-focused and easy to explain and administer. Our typical services include:

Market Assessment
Using a number of surveys and sources, 3C collects and aggregates market data on compensation rates and practices to arrive at the going market rates for jobs, typical compensation opportunity and compensation program design features.

Custom Survey
When compensation data is needed for a specific industry or group of organizations not available from published surveys, 3C designs a custom survey questionnaire to meet a client's data needs, conducts the survey and develops a detailed report of survey findings including side-by-side analyses of client compensation to survey compensation findings.

Base Pay Plan Design
Once an organization determines how it would like to target its compensation in comparison to market and what it would like to recognize through its base pay program, 3C designs a base pay program that aligns target pay and pay opportunity with the external market and key performance measures outlined in the organization's business strategy.

Variable Pay Plan Design
3C assists in the design and implementation of variable pay plans that incorporate relevant performance measures and balance competitiveness with affordability.

Sales Compensation
3C works with a client to understand its sales process, the role of each sales job and the desired mix of fixed and variable compensation. It then designs an effective sales compensation program that is aligned with the organization's pay position against market and focused on profitable sales and a fair return to the organization and the sales staff.

Compensation Committee Advisor
3C works directly with board compensation committees to establish appropriate compensation levels for executives, as well as an effective total compensation review process to maintain reasonable compensation that is aligned with performance.

Compensation Outsourcing
3C's Compensation Investment Management Services (CIMS) provides full outsourcing capabilities for all areas of compensation administration and management.

Interactive Training
3C's Human Resource Institute (HRi) offers online and in person training sessions that provide practical knowledge of human resource topics, including the design of compensation programs.